Benefits of wooden decking

If you’re thinking about decking for your garden but not sure what material to pick, then use this article to consider the different types of wooden decking available.

Decking can be a fantastic addition to your back garden, providing the extra space you may need to entertain guests, giving you a place to relax in, and adding an excellent appeal. Quite often decking will be a raised platform with stairs and railings.

It could be installed between the property and the grass area as an extension to your property, or elsewhere with paving slabs leading up to it. Obviously considering the sun’s position at various points in the day could be a major factor in your decision of decking placement.

Wooden decking remains the most popular on the market, and it’s easy to see why. Below you’ll find the top reasons to consider a wooden decking installation for your back garden:

  • Wood features a rustic and attractive appeal which is hard to match with man-made replicas. As such it looks fantastic with traditional homes in particular.
  • Strength and durability. Wood is surprisingly strong and durable in the construction industry and is capable of holding a great deal of weight without buckling, so it’s highly suitable for decking, which will hold people, furniture and lighting.
  • It requires little maintenance. Once installed wooden decking will look great for years. You may see a few nails come loose which can be easily fixed, whilst staining could be required every few years to ensure its long life expectancy. To keep it looking fresh it’s also recommended to sand the wood down every five years.


  • There are a number of shades and shapes available, so you can get something unique and fits well with your home. Essentially you want the wooden decking to blend effortlessly with your garden.
  • Because of this wide range of choices, the budget can be individual so you won’t need to overspend for the decking of your dreams. Expensive options include cedar redwood whilst cheaper alternatives include treated yellow oak and pine.
  • Using wood is environmentally friendly because older trees are likely to be used, with younger replacements planted, which will produce more oxygen. Hardwoods are also manufactured to be 100% biodegradable and therefore remain ecologically sustainable. Forests are now much better managed than 100 years ago so there is little damage to habitats around the world.

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