Top tips for building a shed

The shed can be an important part of any garden, because it helps contain loads of your bits and bobs, especially if you don’t have access to a garage. But if you’re thinking about constructing a new shed, it’s not just about throwing a few planks of wood together.

There are certain rules you should follow to get the most out of your shed, and key areas it’s important not to skimp on.

First off, the good news is you won’t have to worry about any planning permission, unless of course your property is listed or in a Conservation Area. It’ll also need to be under 30 metres squared and no more than four metres high. Also make sure it’s not connected to your home and ensure it’s one metre from any boundary.

With any project, it’s important to take the upmost care and precision. Just think of it as an extension to your home and don’t rush the job. A well-constructed shed will complement your home and garden.

Solid foundations

One of the biggest problems with poorly made sheds is water. This is why it’s important to get your decisions right and first up you need to find a good spot for it to go. Ideally this will be a dry area where rainwater doesn’t pool. Also remember you’ll need access to the shed to retrieve things such as your lawnmower. Don’t make life hard on yourself!

A small or medium sized shed can sit on concrete blocks, but anything larger will require adequate foundations. With blocks, ensure they’re level and properly spaced. Solid blocks are also preferable as hollow ones will crack over time.

Shed space

How much do you actually need to store in your shed? This is the question that’ll need answering to determine how large your shed will need to be. Be sensible with your estimations too. Get a tape measure out and measure the length of your lawnmower. Then consider the appropriate amount of shelving.

Without doing everything properly, you risk the shed turning into a mess of cobwebs, paint pots and garden rakes.

Also consider where you’ll fit the door for your shed. While typically homeowners have them on the end, it makes life difficult when you have to reach the back. If you fit your door on the side, you can get to the left and right with ease.

A window will be a great addition to your shed too, because the natural light means you can see inside the dark space.

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