Draw a Bird Day: How to Welcome Wildlife to your Garden

Did you know that 8th April is Draw a Bird Day? The story behind the day is an interesting one, and dates back to the Second World War.

Whether you draw a bird today or not, why not think about making your garden a welcome place for birds and other wildlife? There are plenty of things you can do before summer’s here to make your garden bird-friendly.

Prepare a bird buffet

Birds suffer these days from loss of habitat and adverse weather conditions. You can make your garden a great place for birds by getting a bird bath and providing nuts, seeds and scraps for them all year.

A great way to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden is to plant a mixed hedge, which acts as a shelter for birds and other wildlife.

hedgehog wildlife
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Create a wild area

Having a garden landscaped makes it look beautiful, but if you can try to leave a part of it to grow out. Piles of leaves and twigs are perfect homes for mice, hedgehogs and frogs, and birds will love them as a food source and nest material.

Leaving grass long helps to attract bees, butterflies and other insects, and if you sow some wildflowers in the grass they will be even more happy to pass through your garden.

Help out local bees

You may have heard in the media that our bees are under threat. They are very important for our ecosystem, so make sure your garden is a good home for them.

Plant different flowers so that you have pollen for bees all year round. Lots of gardening experts recommend the crocus as it is an early bloomer, and plants like salvias and aliums are great for late pollen.

Be sustainable

Gardening in an environmentally-conscious way not only helps the wildlife in your garden out but also helps keep your costs down.

Collect rainwater in a butt so you can use it for your plants and even your car. Try to avoid using chemical insecticides – instead you could encourage spiders into your garden to keep the number of pesky aphids down.

Trying these tips will not only leave your garden friendly for birds and wildlife but it will also make it look pretty and colourful for the spring and summer months.

If you think you could do with some help with sprucing up your garden, there are plenty of gardeners in our network who can assist you.

Emily Rivers

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