What to consider with your garden patio

Patios tend to be the central point of your garden and without one you’ll resort to putting chairs and tables on the lawn. But with a professionally designed garden patio it’ll be a fantastic asset in your garden and provides the chance to enjoy the outside.

So if you’ve been considering a garden patio area, take a look at our guide below and get the best tips and advice for creating an excellent finish.

Purpose and size

Why do you need the patio? Of course, for you it should be an easy answer, but in the excitement of picking materials and furniture it’s often something that’s forgotten.

Your garden patio area could be need for a few reasons. Perhaps you want a cosy area for two people to enjoy, a larger area for the family or an area for dinner parties and entertaining guests. Answering this question will help you decide on the right size and it’ll need to be big enough to cater for your requirements.

With patios, 3m x 3m is normally large enough for four or six people. With smaller furniture or less people you’ll be able to get away with less. Always avoid closing off the area with borders or raised beds as it’s best to let it spill onto the lawn when you have more company round.

Position and privacy
When you look at most houses, the garden patio area will join up with the home to at least some extent. This could be from the conservatory or perhaps sliding doors from another part of your property. It’s a great option to be able to walk straight out onto the patio with food and drink whilst avoiding wet grass.

Of course, your individual preferences and property may mean it’s best positioned elsewhere in the home. You’ll want to feel comfortable where the garden patio is placed and a well-thought out patio would include a weatherproof way of accessing the area.

You’ll also have to consider the idea of privacy and decide if it could be an issue. If it’s not possible to position the patio where you’re not overlooked, consider a trellis, pergolas and plants to help maintain privacy.

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