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Gardening Price Guide

Before you start a gardening project, it’s worth working out how much you’re likely to spend. This will help you decide what you can afford and the best time to do it. We’ve put together a gardening price guide to give you a general idea of your project costs.

General advice

Do your research

Does your lawn just need a revamp or do you want to landscape your whole garden? Are you looking for a one-off job or does your garden need regular maintenance? It’s important to do your research so you have the answers to these questions. This will make it much easier to find relevant prices for your project.

Decide on a budget

It’s also sensible to decide on a budget for your project fairly early on. This will prevent you from underspending or overspending. It’ll also stop you wasting time researching products and services that you can’t afford. Be sure to be realistic when you set your budget so you don’t have to backtrack later.


The price of gardening work can vary quite a bit. To get precise costs, you should spend time getting quotes from professionals. But in the meantime, here’s a gardening price guide to give you a rough idea.

Type of gardening work Approx. cost
Garden maintenance (trimming hedges etc.) £60-£115
Lawn services (mowing, weed control, edging etc.) £20-£35
Landscaping (excluding design) £1,000-£3,000
Landscaping (including design) £7,000

To get a reasonable price for your gardening project, ask multiple pros for a quote. Remember that the size of your garden can make a big impact on the price, so make sure the correct area is included in the quote.

This gardening price guide should give you a general indication of how much your project is likely to cost. To find professional gardeners in your area, fill in our online form. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 local pros.