Gardening Project Timeline

If you want to get started on a gardening project, it’s a good idea to work out how long it’ll take. This will help you determine the best time to do it and whether it’ll clash with any other projects you’ve got going on. To help you do this, we’ve put together a typical gardening project timeline.

How long will a gardening project take?

Research: 1 week

When you start a project, your top priority should be research. Find out about the kind of gardening services out there and work out what would be best for you and your home. You don’t need to become a pro overnight – you’ll need the professional you hire to advise you. But when they do, if you’ve already done some research then you’re more likely to understand what they’re talking about.

As well as different services, you should also research gardening professionals. Make a list of pros in your area and ask them for quotes. Ensure you read any customer references or reviews you can find to help you identify a skilled and reputable professional.

Gardening work: 1 hour – 1 week

Once you’ve found an available professional, it’s time to get started with the work. How long your gardening work will take depends on the service you choose.

Lawn services tend to take the shortest amount of time. Most grass maintenance jobs like weed control, turfing and edging will take a maximum of 3 hours. If you want this to be a repeat job, speak to your professional to arrange a plan.

Garden maintenance jobs, like hedge trimming, usually takes a bit longer. Pruning, weed control, watering and other maintenance jobs tend to be done in 1-4 days depending on the size of your garden and its condition. If you want a landscaping service, this could take up to 1 week or even longer if it requires some specialised design work.

Total time: Around 1-2 weeks

So on average, most gardening jobs take between 1 and 2 weeks. When you get to the stage when you need a more precise project timeline, ask the professionals you find to give you a rough work schedule when they give you a quote.

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