Advice on Picking a Gardener or Landscaper

If you want to find a quality pro for a home improvement project, you should spend plenty of time doing it. Picking a gardener or landscaper is no different – don’t be tempted to rush it. If you take your time then you’re far more likely to find a reliable professional who does a good job.

Picking a gardener or landscaper

There are a few easy things you can do to help you find a top-notch gardener or landscaper.

Stay away from cold callers

If a professional has to call at properties without an appointment to find work, the chances are that their skills aren’t up to scratch. And even if a cold caller could do a good job, you’ve got no way of being sure that they are who they say they are. Instead, get in touch with gardeners and landscapers through friends and relatives or our service.

Ask several gardeners or landscapers to visit your property to quote

It’s hard to tell if a professional is offering a good price if you don’t have anything to compare it to. Make sure you get quotes from several gardeners or landscapers so you get the best price possible. And to make sure the quotes are as accurate as possible, ask professionals to come and take a look at your outside area before they give you a price.

Get proof of their company name, address and insurance

Make sure you ask all professionals to provide you with proof of their company name, address and insurance before you hire them. This will increase the chances of them being legitimate and easy to contact.

Research customer reviews

Researching customer reviews can be a really helpful when you’re trying to find a quality professional. Look online or find their Quotatis profile page if you found them through our service. You can also ask the gardeners or landscapers you find for customer references and photos of their work.

Ask about their experience and qualifications

There aren’t any specific qualifications that you have to have to be a gardener. But hiring a professional who has qualifications makes it more likely that you’ll get quality work. If you can, try to find a gardener or landscaper who has a good mix of qualifications and experience.

These tips should help you when you’re picking a gardener or landscaper. If you need to get in touch with professionals in your area, complete our online form. We’ll match you with up to 4 gardeners or landscapers in your area.