Ponds and garden water features

When it comes to revamping your garden, why not consider a water feature for the visual effects they provide. With plenty of styles and materials to choose from, this article discusses why you should consider a water feature and the benefits associated with an installation.

Why install a water feature?

With a pond or water feature in your garden you can completely transform the aesthetic appeal and depending on what you pick you could benefit from a dramatic landscape to calm and serenity. Garden water features also provide a centre-piece for your garden and are available in a range of sizes and materials. Before choosing a water feature for your garden, think about the following questions:

  • How large is your garden?

You don’t want to buy a water feature that’s too small or too large for your garden as it won’t have the effect you’re after or could be too overbearing. Make sure to consider the size with great care.

  • How do you use your garden?

If your garden is often a place to relax or dine in, then you’re likely to have that extra space to house garden water features. On the other hand, if you have children or pets you’ll probably need more lawn area for running around so your feature will probably need to take up less space.

  • What is your garden’s style?

Whatever water feature you’re after, one thing’s for sure and that’s you don’t want it to look out of place in the garden. For example, if you have a modern and contemporary garden, then a metallic feature with LED lighting would blend in well. On the other hand, wooden or stone water features would be best in a traditional garden.

  • Is it safe?

If you have children or pets the last thing you want is to risk injury because of an unsafe water feature. Water in particular can be hazardous and some ways around potential problems include fitting a grill to cover the water. Ponds in particular present dangers to young children.

  • How big is your budget?

Your budget will have the ultimate say in the garden water features you pick for your home. You’ll need to think carefully about the feature and materials you can afford.

Solar water features

Most garden water features operate with a pump using electricity. Whilst running costs are minimal, with a solar water feature you can run the installation free of charge throughout the year. As technology has developed, so have the possibilities. You can now get an attractive and reliable solar water feature for your garden.
Garden Water Feature Prices

Of course, many people’s decision will be entirely decided by the cost of the water feature. Budget can be a big issue so it’s good to decide on a limit and go from there. You’ll then be able to see what’s affordable and still looks great. Cheap garden water features can cost you between £50 and £100, whilst the more expensive features manufactured from expensive materials such as stone and stainless steel could set you back £500.

As always though, it’s recommended to shop around and receive a number of quotes from reputable professionals in your area. This way you can ensure of getting the best price.

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