Great ideas for small gardens

With more and more housing estates springing up all over the UK in very small areas, the modern garden is no longer the same size it used to be.

Of course, this has its benefits in that you won’t have to spend as much time mowing the grass, but it also means you have less room to play with.

That’s why making the most out of a smaller garden is necessary if you’re to create a fantastic outside atmosphere for your home.

Take a look at our tips and ideas for those of you with smaller garden space.

Getting started

Your first step is to imagine the kind of garden you’d like to create. There are many possibilities too, so take a look through magazines and even get ideas from your neighbours, friends or family.

The secret here is to take features that are important to you; if you want a quiet place to relax or an area for your children to play in, it’s easy enough to make reality. Some homeowners will even opt for an area for growing vegetables.

Shape shifters

Even if you don’t have a large area to work with, you can still give the impression your garden is in fact larger than it is. This can be achieved by sectioning areas off, such as an area where chairs and table are. Also consider meandering or diagonal pathways to ensure the full garden is used.

If you want to lay paving, then think about an angled patio rather than parallel to the property. This will make the eye wander and elongate the space.

Smaller gardens should also make use of pots and containers to help brighten up the space without taking up too much room.

Green up

Many experts now suggest that a garden is a place for people, rather than plants. It’s a very controversial opinion though and keen gardeners have certainly raised their eyebrows at this remark.

However, what’s important with any garden is to have plenty of natural beauty, and the colour green is even known to rest the eyes.

There are lots of plants and shrubs to choose from and often it’ll come down to personal preference. Obviously if you have a small garden, don’t choose bulky bushes that will invade the space, but evergreens are ever-popular.

Privacy is important in any garden, so if your fences are low you may even consider a treeline to block out prying eyes and keep your life private.

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