The cost of garden maintenance

Having a professional company maintain your garden is a fantastic way of avoiding the time and bother it takes to carry out tasks yourself. If this is something you’ve been considering you’ll want to know how much garden maintenance costs.

What can I expect from garden maintenance?

If you choose to hire a garden maintenance company there are a number of jobs that can be carried out. Of course, specialist tasks such as looking after rare plants may not be possible with every company, so this is something which needs to be discussed and agreed privately.

The most common work you’ll find garden maintenance companies carry out includes:

Lawn maintenance: This is pretty much self-explanatory, and the company will care and look after your lawn. This would include mowing the grass, applying treatments, aeration and dealing with replacement grass.

Hedge maintenance: This work once again is very self-explanatory and would involve planting hedges, weeding, applying weed prevention treatments and pruning.

Other miscellaneous: A garden maintenance company will also carry out other tasks in the garden, and you can expect to find patio and driveway services, fence and decking painting and staining, and irrigation planning.

In most industries professionals can join a trading association to show their excellence and quality of work. Using a company registered with one of these organisations is always recommended as there may be a dispute resolution service if you’re not satisfied with any work.

Some of the trade associations in garden maintenance include:

  • British Association of Landscaping Industries (BALI)
  • Association of Professional Landscapers (APL)
  • Horticultural Trade Association (HTA)
  • Professional Gardeners Guild (PGG)

Comparing prices

What’s always recommended, no matter the industry or work involved, is to compare prices from a range of companies in your area. The good news is, companies will almost always provide a free quotation service, so you can speak to three or four contractors and ensure to get the best deal possible.
Garden maintenance costs

The price you can expect to pay for certain garden maintenance jobs will typically range depending on factors such as the services offered, equipment used and how close you’re located to the company.

Typically you should expect to spend from £12 an hour, but you could see discounts when there are multiple hours of work involved in the task. Of course, with two people on the job you may be charged £25 per hour.

If you’re looking at garden maintenance possibilities then it’s also recommended to book in early in the season because this is a popular industry and may fill up with customers quickly.

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