The cost of tree surgery

The cost of hiring a tree surgeon can vary quite significantly, depending on a range of factors such as the size of the tree, the species and where abouts it’s located. With this article you can find out more on tree surgery and its benefits.

Dangerous trees can be hazardous to property and people, so if there’s something you’re worried about it’s always best to have a tree surgeon take a look at the situation. Of course, before you pick up the phone to call a tree surgeon you should investigate yourself and ascertain whether there is a problem posed.

Of course, you’ll be more likely to want rid of the tree if it’s older, rather than a healthier younger tree. But even the younger trees can become dangerous if damaged by weather and other conditions. So how can you tell if a tree is dangerous?

  • Deadwood is one of the first signs of a dangerous tree and should be your first check. Deadwood is easy to spot and branches will have little or no leaves at all. Deadwood is prone to falling, so it can be extremely hazardous to those around.
  • Another way you can carry out your own checks is by inspecting the ground around the base of the tree. Ground movements such as raised soil could be evidence of the tree uprooting.
  • Trees impeding roads and buildings should certainly be checked out be a tree surgeon. It may simply be a case of needing some branches removed.
  • A fungal presence around the base of the tree could indicate rot so it’s best to hire a tree surgeon to take a look at the situation.
  • Spaces on the trunk with no bark could indicate deadwood or a fungal attack.
  • Trees with multiple trunks should definitely be inspected to ensure stability. U shapes generally indicate a strong connection, whilst V shapes would be weaker.

How much does tree surgery cost?

It’s hard to give actual prices for tree surgery because a lot will come down to the amount of work you need and individual situations. As always though, it’s best to get three or four quotes so you can ensure of not paying over the odds and instead get the best deal available.
An estimate to tree surgery cost is as follows:

  • Tree felling cost: £250 per tree
  • Crown reduction cost: £150 per tree
  • Garden clearance cost: £200 per person per day / £40 per hour
  • Wood chipper hire cost: £150 per day / £450 per week

Any written quotes you receive from reputable tree surgeons should include the following:

  • A thorough description of work that has been agreed
  • The full cost of the tree surgery, including VAT
  • How the waste will be disposed of
  • How permission will be obtained from the local council
  • A risk assessment form to ensure everything is in place to avoid injuries and damage.

Of course, for any situation, picking the right tree surgeon is essential to getting a job well done. If the surgery isn’t carried out correctly then you risk causing further damage to the tree. Anyone can call themselves a tree surgeon in the local newspaper, so to save you a lot of hassle and expense, compare quotes from up to four reputable tree surgeons with our quick, easy and free service.

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